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Unable to reach the e0m interface



I have configured E0M  on a FAS 3240 but not able to reach the IP once if i connect the port to the switch.But i am able to reach the SP IP from any VLAN

But if i connect my laptop directly to the management port i am able to ping the IP.

If anyone has come across this issue please share the solution





I have also same problem with FAS 3240AE, e0M is connected to cisco switch and port settings auto


I, too, had this problem with a Cisco switch connected to the e0M interface. I was only able to access the SP interface and not the e0M interface, even though the MAC addresses were visible in the switch when I did a "show arp." My switch is configured to use SmartPorts and the port that the e0M/SP interface was plugged into was configured as a Desktop smartport which enables Port-Security and limits the number of accessible mac addresses on that interface to 1. By setting the "switchport port-security maximum 2" command on the switch port connected to the e0M/SP interface, I was able to begin accessing both e0M and the SP IP addresses.


Just a wild guess here, but what subnet is e0M in with regard to the other IP addresses/interfaces you have configured on your network, and how is your default gateway configured ? If your e0M and another (virtual) interface are in the same subnet, and you are pinging from another subnet, there may be some asymmetric routing going on (with different MAC addresses) which could confuse a network device. The SP, being completely isolated from the storage system's network configuration, would not have this problem...

Also check out the option ip.fastpath.enable .

Try with routed on and off.

Sorry, that's all I can think of based on the information you've given so far...


I am experiencing the same issue on a V3140. Am seeing this KB that may help you too: https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=2017312

If you found a solution, please update here.


We have the same problem on a FAS6280, we can SSH into the SP port but cannot RSH or SSH into the e0M port. We moved the cables to another port on the same switch same problem, we moved to another switch and it worked. We are working with Brocade to find the problem, it appears to be a problem with the MAC address. The SP and e0M have different MAC addresses.


We fixed the problem by upgrading our Brocade switch. It appears to be a strange combination of devices and strange MAC address.