ONTAP Hardware

Upgrade Paths


Hello -

We're currently in the "research" phase for moving to the NetApp platform, and I have a few questions related to the upgrade paths between the E-series and the FAS-series.  If we purchase an E2624 and chain 3 or 4 DE5600's off of it (24-bay expansion enclosures), and then later decide we're ready for the more advanced features in the FAS line, can we buy a FAS2200 head-unit and attach the previously purchased DE5600's to it?  Or even possibly down-grade the E2624 to a DE5600 and attach it as an add-on enclosure to the FAS2200-series as well?

The issue is that we're yet to the point where we can justify the cost of the FAS-series, but don't want to sink the money into our existing product (Dell PowerVault) line if we eventually plan to upgrade to NetAPPs FAS line.


- Jeff




Currently it's not possible to migrate between FAS and E-series , since both of them are differ in OS/Software -( Eseries -san tricity FAS - Ontap)

But the upgradation of integrating both is in progress, Probably netapp guys can comment on it