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Volume and Qtree name changed with Letter case sentive


Hi All,


We have one device running the data Ontap 8.2.4P2 and we had a request on creating the volume and qtree for NFS request.

I have successfully done and even mapped to the Red hat Linux server that this was around June 2020. We had an issue last week in Nov 2020 that name change (Only one letter in that volume and qtree change from Upper case to Lower case). The main issue is we do not have support from Netapp as client migrating the environment from Netapp to EMC.

I requesting your help on this.

Hence I was looking for the Bugs but unable to find that.





File names are case-sensitive for NFS clients and case-insensitive but case-preserving for CIFS clients. 

For example, if a CIFS client creates Spec.txt, both CIFS and NFS clients display the file name as Spec.txt. However, if a CIFS user later tries to create spec.txt, the name is not allowed because, to the CIFS client, that name currently exists. If an NFS user later creates a file named spec.txt, NFS and CIFS clients display the file name differently, as follows:

  • On NFS clients, you see both file names as they were created, Spec.txt and spec.txt, because file names are case-sensitive.
  • On CIFS clients, you see Spec.txt and Spec~1.txt.

    Data ONTAP creates the Spec~1.txt file name to differentiate the two files.

Was the name change done manually? Can you provide more details on the issue that you are facing..




Did you mean that the name changed by itself? or you had problem accessing data after manually changed the name?