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Question about aggregation

I have a fas 2720 with 2 controllers and 12 disks. Each controller has 6 disks.
If I create aggregation: 2 aggregations of 6 disks each.

I can assign the owners of these disks to one controller, but then the entire load will be on one controller?

How can I make one aggregation on all disks using the power of two controllers?




You won't be able to have one single aggregate assigned to two controllers.

One aggregate is assigned to only one controller at a time. It can be re-assigned, but not used by two controllers.

With your system, you should be able to use ADP, partitioning, which at least, should allow to use the 12 disks on the 2 systems by creating partitions. One small partion of the disk assigned to the root aggregate, one partition to controller 1 and the last partition to controller 2.

If you want to have the maximum capacity on only 1 aggregate, I would recommed to go to an Active/Passive configuration where the second controller doesn't have any data aggregate (only root aggregate), and would be only active in a Failover situation.