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active/active with dual controller within FAS 3250 and active/active between two FAS 3050


I have experience with FAS 3050, each has single controller. We use two such filers, and configured them as active/active HA 2-nodes cluster.

Now, as I understand, with FAS 3200 series, for instance, FAS 3250, each has 2controllers, and one filer itself can be configured  as active/active.

Would you please tell me differences between these two situations and using 2 different  storages, one is using two Filers, the other is using one single filer and 2 controllers?

Thanks a lot for your advice in advance!



Would you please advice on this question?


As far as I understand the question it would be FAS3220 not 3250, i.e. one enclosure and 2 controllers.



All data in this table applies to high availability configurations.

FAS3220 with Expanded I/O FAS3220 
Single enclosure HA;

two controllers in single 3U chassis


Really not sure what the question is here but here goes:

FAS3050 clusters were shipped as 2 separate heads which together would make a cluster.

the FAS3250 can be shipped with 2 controllers in one unit I believe.  There is no difference except that the 2 controllers are in the same unit which saves on space and cabling,  however the downside is that there is less expandability.  I believe that FAS3250 can also still be purchased as 2 separate heads, and the space where the second controller would go can host an IO expansion module.

Hope this answers you question.