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best practice to add HDD to Diskshelf /3210/4243


Hi team, can anyone give me some advice on best practice to add HDD to Diskshelf ? I have 3210 filers with DS4243, 36 SAS disk in it. I added 12 more into it recently. I have one RAID DP RG0 and one aggr0 only. 18 disks for each filer. Now I assigned 6 to each filer.I added one to each filer aggr0. but not able to add more because the Rg0 has 18 disk limit. I am wondering if I need to increase 18 to 28 for each on the fly (any downtime?) or create new RG1 to add disks into rg1. what would be convenient and best practice, any without downtime? Is disk reallocation a must? I heard SQL server in the vmware ESXI would get some issue when the reallocation is running so I may not run it for now.

any advice please? Thanks!




Ok, first let me do some math.  18 x 2  =36, so  where are your spares?  

Also, how big are the disk, are the same type of disk,

Even though SAS disks can go as high as 28, i personally limit it a little, i've done 24's, 22's, 20's, 18's, 16's, depends on the environment, and how much risk you want to take.

Also, i would expand the rg and reallocation accordingly, (read the reallocate tr for best practices)