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cluster interconnect and data port


good day everyone!


I have a FAS2552 running in cluster mode (with one shelf attached)

ports 0c and 0d used for FC

e0e and e0f used for cluster interconnect


we only used it for VMDKs until now but now we would like to use a NFS share directly from the san

and I would like it to run with 10G (the RJ45 ports only support 1G if I am not mistaken)


would it be possible to use  only one interconnect port and the other 2 as data ports?

or use one of them as interconnect over 10g switch AND data port at the same time?





I think FAS2552 has UTA/CNA ports: 4 on each node (8 HA Pair)


As you mentioned these are occupied
Port 1:{e0c|0c} = FC
Port 2:{e0d|0d} = FC
Port 3:{e0e|0e} = Cluster
Port 4:{e0f|0f} = Cluster


Query: RJ45 ports only support 1G?
Yes, that's correct.


Query: would it be possible to use only one interconnect port and the other 2 as data ports?
No, you cannot use 'cluster' ports for any other purpose, they are taken-away for cluster communication (No changes allowed here).

Unless, it has a provision for supported card, you may have to live with 1gb speed.





You cannot add more expansion to the 2500s. You cannot do a storage node hardware unified-connect modify on just say 0c and leave 0d. It must be done to both ports.


You can per HWU use a single port (e0f) for cluster connectivity, but if you have any other nodes this can limit performance and cluster communication (not just physical speeds, but less paths to communicate can clog things up in CSM). If you do this, don't expect too much performance out of the system (which you won't get 10Gb read/write speeds due to the small size of system and hitting platform limits before hitting line rate).