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e0a & e0b on FAS2600 / FAS2700 / FAS8200 used as non-cluster role?


Greeting, everyone.

Starting with FAS2600 and FAS8200, the controllers come with 2 builtin 10GbE network ports for cluster interconnections. The ports are generally identified as e0a and e0b. In certain situation, if the controller node is to be configured as an intended single-node cluster, or different combination of ports is chosen for cluster interconnections, could the rest of e0a and e0b be used to host data LIFs for NFS connections for instance?

In contrast, it is not allowed for the c0a and c0b on the FAS3200 and FAS6200 to be converted for data usage in the old days.

Any reply would be appreciated. Thanks in advanced.



The cPorts on the 32xx and 62xx were the HA interconnect ports (different than cluster ports) if you had a two chassis in an HA pair and HWU shows as such.   


Looking at the 8200/27xx  they are just listed as ethernet.   The catch with the 8200/2700 I don't think it can be used(bought) as a single controller just going by what HWU says.   


Dear SpindleNinja,


Thanks for your reply. It is indeed very careful of you to remind me that stand-alone configurations of FAS8200 and FAS2700 are not supported. Please allow me to put my question in another way. For the following situation,


  • FAS8200 as 2-node stretched metrocluster, where e0a and e0b of both nodes are not occupied
  • FAS2600 as single-node cluster, where no cluster interconnection is needed so e0a and e0b are free
  • FAS2700 HA as 2-node switch-less cluster, where e0c and e0d are chosen for cluster interconnction, so e0a and e0b are not occupied

For these situatino, can e0a and e0b be configured as data port to host data LIFs? Thanks for reading.


Yes, they can be used as data LIFs/ports.


HWU lists all of the cluster port options available for a given platform. Eg. 10GBASE-T can be used for TNSC.


8200 - Checking HWU in a stretch MCC config there are few cables that don't list cluster specific connections.  

2700 - Why not just use the dedicated cluster ports?  

2600 - ok


But reading through several docs, they're listed as default with options to use others.     I would assume that you could put a lif on one.   I don't have currently a method to test,  but just don't make sure they aren't tagged as -role cluster.