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Hello everyone...

i have a case where there is a fas2020a with 2 controllers, each controller has 6 sas disks. the client ordered a new ds14 with sata disks and he wants to...

1. create an aggregate with the sata disks

2. move all his data from controller B to the new LUN on the sata disks.

3. move all the sas disks from controller B to controller A

4. Make controller B operational only with the sata disks create root aggr root vol etc

so in the end we have controller A with all the sas disks and controller B with all the sata disks...

any ideas how to make this one?




Since they should be wired up multipath HA you can add the new shelfs

assign the SATA disks to head B, (after you plug your shelfs in on head b type "disk assign * " you may need to type "priv set diag" first)

create your volumes and migrate your data

type disk show-v get a list of SAS disks assigned to head B and remove ownership of them

then on head A type disk assign *

take the extra disks and add them in to the current aggregate or create a new one

Only issue with this is that three of the SAS disks are still going to be owned by head B because it is using them for it's root aggregate.


Check out this post: https://communities.netapp.com/message/58926


Niek Baakman



On controller 2:

Create a new aggregate of 13 SATA disks, and keep one as hot spare.

Copy the root volume from the small SAS aggregate to the newly created SATA aggregate.

vol restrict newroot

vol copy start -S root newroot

vol online newroot

vol options newroot root #

aggr options root is from maintenance mode...when done here the
aggregate containing newroot will become root since it has the root volume.

vol status #

confirm newroot is "diskroot"


Destroy the SAS aggr.

Unown the SAS disks.

On controller 1:

Assign the old Controller 2 SAS disks to controller1

Add the SAS disks to the SAS aggregate.

Hope this helps.