ONTAP Hardware

lun resets


Hi everyone,

We receive these messages on a NA3040 many times every day.  It is always on the same volume which is troubling.  The host hba itself is the WWPN listed as resetting itself.  The volume is very busy because it is the disk storage for our backups.  NetApp says not to be concerned but we get these repeatedly every day.

scsitarget.ispfct.targetReset FCP Target 0c: Target was Reset by the Initiator at Port Id: 0x40900

Is there anything we need to do to alleviate this?




This indicates that some server connected to the filer via iSCSI is sending SCSI bus resets (probably because the LUN doesn't respond quickly enough because of the high load). Try finding out which FC initiator/host is sending the resets ("fcp show initiator" and/or other fcp subcommands, look for the port ID given in the message)

Then, if you have the host, try finding out if there are any timeout values you can increase (disk timeouts, FC timeouts, SCSI timeouts). Or, even better, install the NetApp host utilities on that host that should fix the timeouts for you for the most common platforms/OS'es