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network adapter in a 2552


What is the model and manufacturer of the internal network adapters.


We are having some difficulty connecting our management ports to a Cisco Nexxus and Cisco Fex. The Netapp will connect on one side of our redundedant switches but not the other.


We'd like to know what the manufacturer of the network adapter chipset.


If there is a command to show the PCI output it would be appreciated.



The best we can get so far is 

c1n1*> version
NetApp Release 8.3P2:


c1n1*> sysconfig -v


slot 0: Quad Gigabit Ethernet Controller 82580
e0a MAC Address: 00:a0:98:7c:a4:50 (auto-1000t-fd-up)
e0b MAC Address: 00:a0:98:7c:a4:51 (auto-unknown-down)
e0M MAC Address: 00:a0:98:7c:a4:52 (auto-1000t-fd-up)
e0P MAC Address: 00:a0:98:7c:a4:53 (auto-1000t-fd-up)
Device Type: 150E
Firmware Version: 3.22, 0x80000101


which I am guessing is a 82580 Intel chipset but I'd like to offer more than a guess.


Thanks for your help




Yes, it is 82580 Intel chipset.

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