ONTAP Hardware

upgrading R200


I have a customer who wants to upgrade their R200 so what is the upgrade path for this device. Do I have to upgrade to a 3X series or can I upgrade to any series, like the 2020 or 2050?





We have done this exercise, a half year ago.

It depends of course on several parameters:

total amount of storage (and loops/disk shelf's)

Future grow

usage (load of current R200).

Because we have reused all the old R200 disk shelf's (20 in total), it was very clear that a FAS20x0 was not possible. I believe that a FAS2050 only can have 6 more disk shelf's. You must check the amount of disk shelf's (not only the max capacity) if you want to reuse the existing shelf's.

Our fist idea was a FAS3070 (load and amount of shelf's), but we even have decide to go to a FAS6040. Future grow was very important.

In general, I believe that a FAS3xx0 is a better solution for a R200 replacement, but everything depends on the situation.