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vlan config lost after reboot



So with a Fas 2040 I run setup to corigure a lacp vif name PO1 with an ip. on the setup "wizard" I can create Vlan so I think I should create it after.

I can't create Vlan because PO1 is up so

ifconfig PO1 down

I create my vlan

vlan create PO1 10 98 99

I put ip on it

ifconfig PO1-10 172.x.10.10 netmask

ifconfig PO1-98 172.x.98.10 netmask

ifconfig PO1-99 172.x.99.10 netmask

I put default gateway (lost when ifconfig po1 down)

route add default 172.x.10.254 1

All right all working ping iscsi admin well good

Just reboot and I have all lost. How can I keep vlan, ifconfig... after reboot ??



To make the configurations persistent across reboots, the commands must be added to the/etc/rc file:




And how do you edit this files... I know rdfile /etc/rc for read it


You could use "wrfile /etc/rc", but it starts writing file from scratch. So, using it for editing rc file is not safe.

A better alternative is to mount the root volume of the storage system and edit the file using any text editor of your choice.


/etc/rc file is a very important configuration file that is required by ONTAP while booting, it must be editted very carefully.

There are two better ways to edit /etc/rc file

  1. map the <filer_name>\C$ to your administration machine and edit the etc>rc file using a text editor
  2. telnet to the filer ----> issue rdfile /etc/rc, copy the contents to a text editor on your administration machine, include the entries for VLAN -----> issue wrfile /etc/rc on the telnet window -----> copy the contents from your text editor and paste on the telnet window -------> press Enter and CTRL + C. This will save the changes made to /etc/rc file
  3. issue rdfile /etc/rc and check for changes made



why is it necessary to add it in /etc/rc file? After we got a new FAS2040, we run the initial setup with an NetApp technician were network config was done (e0a). A Few weeks later we configured an additional nic (e0b) via CLI. After a reboot the new configuration on e0b didn't exists.

Is for that an explanation why it's working for e0a and not for e0b??



Every time you use setup it creates a new rc file.  Whatever the command used from the cli, needs to be added to /etc/rc file.



so for community here is my rc file. and it is look like working.

I Hope thas a day netapp will finish the network tab and add a buton that make an update of the rc file with Actual config... just for ending the product for example

#Regenerated by registry Fri Jan 23 16:50:29 GMT+11:00 2009
#Auto-generated by setup Fri Jan 16 04:29:53 GMT 2009
hostname srv-sana
vif create lacp PO1 -b ip e0a e0b
vlan create PO1 10 98 99
ifconfig PO1-10 172.x.10.10 netmask mtusize 1500 partner 172.x.10.11 -wins
ifconfig PO1-98 172.x.98.10 netmask mtusize 1500 partner 172.x.98.11 -wins
ifconfig PO1-99 172.x.99.10 netmask mtusize 1500 partner 172.x.99.11 -wins
route add default 172.x.10.254 1
routed on
options dns.domainname toto
options dns.enable on
options nis.enable off