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Active IQ Now Offers Visibility Beyond Storage


NetApp® Active IQ® is a digital advisor that simplifies the proactive care and optimization of NetApp storage, both on premises and in the cloud. Active IQ provides constant visibility into storage health and clear guidance to address risk factors such as misconfigurations, security vulnerabilities, outdated firmware, and best practice gaps. Its actionable insights, prescriptive guidance, and automated workflows simplify operational tasks and lead to higher availability, improved security, and higher-performing storage.


Yep, Active IQ knows your storage inside and out, but what about visibility beyond your storage environment? Active IQ can help with that as well.


Visibility Beyond Storage


Active IQ can now leverage telemetry data from Cloud Insights Basic Edition, ONTAP Tools for VMware vSphere (OTV), and Virtual Storage Console for VMware (VSC) to provide full-stack visibility and perform automated interoperability checks.


Active IQ will show you the ESXi hosts and virtual machines that are mapped to a given cluster, which helps with planning, optimizing, and troubleshooting your VMware environment. No more accessing a separate tool to see which VMs are impacting the resources of a given cluster or will be impacted by an ONTAP upgrade. And if you need more details on attached ESXi hosts or virtual machines, Cloud Insights is a click away.


This exciting new functionality, as well as Cloud Insights Basic Edition, is included in the support entitlement for SupportEdge Advisor, SupportEdge Expert, or SupportEdge Premium with the Active IQ Upgrade. You can learn more here (login required).


See For Yourself


Let’s take a quick look at what you will see in Active IQ.


Starting on the main dashboard, you can get a quick inventory of vCenters, ESXi Hosts, and Virtual Machines attached to your ONTAP clusters:


VM dashboard.png


When you go to inventory detail, the Virtual Machines Overview tab show the storage hostname, cluster name, and ONTAP version. Customers with OTV/VSC will see their versions, vCenter name, vCenter version, and interoperability between ONTAP and VSC versions.



Customers with Cloud Insights Basic Edition will see the number of ESXi hosts and virtual machines per node / cluster as well as the Cloud Insights tenant for that cluster.  


ESXi and VMs.png


Clicking on the Cloud Insights tenant will take you into Cloud Insights where you see additional performance information on your VMware environment such as topology and performance. 


Clicking on the count of ESXi hosts will show you additional detail, such as ESXi name, version, IP address, and interoperability with your current ONTAP version.


ESX detail.png


You can watch this short video to learn more about Active IQ, or get started now using your NetApp Support Site (NSS) login.