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Global energy industry – a massive data power system.

The global energy industry has become a massive data power system. It can extract, produce, refine, and track valuable data. As the amount of data rapidly increases, storing it becomes very costly. Therefore, effective data management plays a vital role in the success and sustainability of energy companies.


The challenges of a CapEx freeze.

A large energy company has been a strategic customer of NetApp for several years, using our AFF systems and Cloud Volumes ONTAP for their data management. They needed to add storage capacity for their SAP environment, but a CapEx freeze put everything on hold. During the pandemic, oil prices dropped to their lowest levels since 2002, which caused an unexpected decline in revenue; hence, there was no budget. Unable to add or refresh their systems, they needed a creative way to solve their problem.


A solution comes with a $1M saving potential.

The NetApp team suggested they use BlueXP tiering to move inactive data from their on-premises AFF systems to the cloud. This approach would align with their cloud-first initiative, where they had an OpEx budget available, and create much-needed space on their primary systems. The customer was familiar with BlueXP from their Cloud Volumes ONTAP deployment. They liked its intuitive UI and the ability to manage both on-premises and cloud environments through a single interface. And after performing an internal cost analysis of the proposal, they really liked the estimated annual savings of $1 million on storage costs. 


Winning over the competition and achieving more.

BlueXP tiering was an instant success for the customer. It delivered the desired results and benefits while solving their initial challenges. Additionally, it freed up so much capacity that they could migrate SAP data from aging EMC arrays to their NetApp AFF systems.


Following the success of BlueXP tiering, the customer has expanded into additional cloud data management services and built an intelligent data infrastructure based on ONTAP.


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