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Get to Know BlueXP Ransomware Protection: The Easiest and Most Comprehensive Workload-Level Defense


In the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity, ransomware remains a consistent and evolving threat to organizations of all sizes and across industries. The need for robust protection mechanisms is more critical than ever, as attackers increasingly target companies perceived as unprepared.


NetApp's BlueXP ransomware protection, now generally available, emerges as a comprehensive solution designed to fortify your workloads on NetApp storage against such threats. This blog post delves into the validation of BlueXP ransomware protection and its features, as detailed in the Enterprise Strategy Group's (ESG) technical validation report.



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Ransomware Preparedness and Protection
The ESG report underscores the prevalence of ransomware attacks, with three-quarters of surveyed organizations having experienced an attack in the past year. To counter this, BlueXP ransomware protection offers a suite of tools through a single pane of glass that align with the NIST framework's functions: govern, identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover. BlueXP ransomware protection automatically identifies data types across NetApp storages, maps data to relevant workloads, and provides a risk overview with suggestions to enhance protection. It facilitates the application of protection policies with a single click, ensuring that workloads are safeguarded in their entirety according to their importance.


Anomaly Detection and Response
A core component of BlueXP ransomware protection is its real-time AI-powered anomaly detection, which increases the speed and accuracy of attack detection. Upon detecting an attack, BlueXP ransomware protection takes immutable Snapshot copies to secure a safe recovery point to minimize the impact on business operations. The dashboard presents an overview of protection, alerts, and recommendations, enabling a quick response to potential threats. The real-time detection capabilities ensure that suspicious activities are flagged immediately, allowing for timely intervention. In addition, SIEM integration streamlines threat detection and analysis across an organization’s diverse tools.


Guided Recovery and Restoration

In the event of a successful ransomware attack, the ability to recover entire workloads quickly and completely is paramount. The ESG report notes that 56% of companies victimized by a successful attack ended up paying the ransom, often due to the lack of efficient recovery options. Plus, recovery takes an average of seven days, leading to costly downtime. BlueXP ransomware protection addresses this by providing tools for rapid recovery with minimal downtime.


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The solution continually takes snapshots of data based on your protection policy, offering administrators the necessary tools to restore complete workloads in minutes with minimal human intervention. In testing, ESG validated that BlueXP ransomware protection guides users through the restoration process easily, choosing the appropriate restore point and orchestrating the workflow for fast, application-consistent recovery of workload data.


NetApp's BlueXP ransomware protection delivers a sophisticated defense against ransomware attacks by integrating identification, protection, detection, response, recovery, and governance tools into a single control plane. Its workload centricity, prioritized, intelligent recommendations, AI-powered detection engine, coupled with its automated and guided actions provides a robust layer of security for NetApp storage workloads, helping make NetApp the most secure storage on the planet.


Organizations using NetApp storage are recommended by ESG to leverage BlueXP ransomware protection in their environment to simplify and enhance their preparedness and resilience against ransomware threats.


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