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How to protect your valuable business data on NetApp Converged Infrastructure



Data is the fuel for the digital economy. Industries and organizations of all sizes have greatly accelerated their digital transformation in order to compete and stay relevant. Loss of business data could lead to financial impact and even reputation damage for the company. Enterprise customers have consistently ranked data protection among their top IT priorities. An ESG survey has shown that over 50% of organizations will increase their data protection spending in 2021, with a significant portion of that being directed towards improving backup and recovery. 


To meet customers ever increasing demand for data protection, we have expanded our collaboration with industry leaders to provide a broad range of integrated backup and recovery solutions for NetApp Converged Infrastructure environments. A solution that works well for one customer might not be optimal for another. The multiple validated partner solutions, coupled with robust ONTAP data protection capabilities, give NetApp customers great flexibility to choose the solution that best meet their requirements, budget, workloads, operations and processes.

Native ONTAP Data Protection

To start, let’s take a look at the key data protection capabilities native to ONTAP – Snapshot, SnapRestore, SnapVault, SnapMirror sync & async, plus archival solution.


Snapshot and SnapRestore provide the first line of defense for local backup and recovery. It’s instantaneous and extremely efficient. Snapshot policies can be easily tailored for different workloads and users.


SnapVault disk-to-disk backup is fast and cost-effective for long term data retention. Recovery from disk backup is reliable, convenient, and much faster than conventional tape backup.


SnapMirror data replication is highly flexible and versatile. Synchronous replication guarantees 100% data currency. With asynchronous SnapMirror, destination site could be thousands of miles away for geographic separation to protect against a disaster that affects the entire region.


Many organizations also have requirement for ultra long-term data retention. NetApp StorageGrid offers an optimized archive solution with superior TCO.


You can learn more about ONTAP data protection here


Validated Data Protection solutions from NetApp partners

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions (7/20202) has recognized Commvault, Veeam and Veritas as industry leaders. Each provides a portfolio of cross-platform data protection products and services for NetApp Converged Infrastructure that are complementary to the native ONTAP backup and replication solutions.




Commvault and NetApp offer integrated solutions that provides leading backup and recovery across the entire NetApp storage portfolio and FlexPod. Commvault backup and recovery software is available on the NetApp global price list.



Veeam and NetApp help organizations attain recovery time and point objectives (RTPO) of less than 15 minutes for all application and data. Veeam backup software is available on the NetApp global price list.



Veritas and NetApp enable organizations of all sizes, including some the world’s largest and most complex environments, to harness the power of their information to drive competitive advantage.


One thing for certain is that data growth will continue to be hyper-explosive in the next decade, and will take on even greater importance for business competition. It is paramount for organizations to orchestrate a comprehensive data protection strategy. Combining that with NetApp Converged Infrastructure’s proven record for reliability, scalability, performance, and innovations, customers can operate their business with confidence and agility, knowing that their business data is well protected against a myriad of potential data threats, human mistakes and malicious attacks.


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