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NetApp’s AI based real-time ransomware detection solution achieves AAA rating


NetApp’s ARP/AI, one of the first and leading AI-Powered Autonomous Ransomware Protection Native to NAS Storage Systems, Achieves highest AAA rating with 99% Detection Accuracy in SE Labs Independent Testing


In the evolving landscape of cybersecurity, ransomware attacks remain one of the most significant threats to organizations worldwide. The financial and reputational damage caused by successful ransomware attacks can be devastating. NetApp is one of the first storage vendors with built-in threat detection and response for NAS systems, and we have recently achieved a remarkable milestone in the fight against ransomware. SE Labs, a renowned independent testing organization, has validated NetApp's AI-powered ransomware detection solution, reporting an impressive 99%  detection accuracy (i.e. a recall of 99%) with 100% legitimate accuracy (i.e., 0 false positives) resulting in a “AAA” rating for the cutting-edge cyber threat technology.


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Ransomware attacks are getting more sophisticated, bypassing traditional security. The impact can be severe: data loss, financial extortion, and business disruptions. You need advanced AI solutions to detect and prevent these threats quickly and effectively.


When it comes to ransomware attacks, every second counts for a successful data recovery and building a real-time threat detection system that operates on a data layer provides huge benefits. Such a system empowers storage admins to quickly recover from an attack by rolling back to a clean data snapshot.    Adding to our existing hardening of the storage layer, NetApp's AI-powered ransomware detection capability is a game-changer to automatically detect and respond to file system anomalies in real time. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, NetApp's solution can analyze data write operations in real-time to determine for any malicious encryption behaviors from known and unknown ransomware threats to accurately detect these threats and trigger alerts as well as take automatic snapshots that are crucial for timely data recovery.  For our customers, this means fewer false positives and fewer false negatives, resulting in less alert fatigue while simultaneously providing the additional security of their data estate.


AAA rating for 99% accuracy from SE Labs


To validate the effectiveness of NetApp's ransomware detection solution, SE Labs conducted rigorous testing under real-world conditions on a NetApp® ONTAP® system with version 9.15.1 enabled and with the latest ARP/AI engine running. The testing methodology involved a wide range of ransomware samples, including both known and previously unseen variants, as well as testing on legitimate files to see any false positive detections.


You can view the results in this report by SE Labs which includes the validation testing and their top AAA rating. NetApp's AI-powered ransomware detection solution achieved a remarkable 99% accuracy (i.e. a recall of 99% and a precision of 100%). Precision refers to the solution's ability to correctly identify ransomware threats without generating false positives, while recall measures its effectiveness in detecting all instances of ransomware present in the test environment.





These results demonstrate the robustness and reliability of NetApp's AI-powered ransomware detection capabilities that give organizations the confidence to protect their critical data and systems from the ever-present threat of ransomware attacks.


The power of AI in cybersecurity


NetApp's ransomware detection capability can be attributed to its innovative use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. By training AI models on vast amounts of data, including both benign and malicious samples, we’ve developed a solution that can accurately identify the subtle patterns and anomalies associated with ransomware attacks.


The AI-powered detection technology embedded into our storage system will adapt and evolve continuously as new ransomware variants emerge by learning from the continuous malware feeds that triggers continuous model training and deployment framework. By learning from each encounter, the AI models become more sophisticated and effective over time, providing organizations with a future-proof defense against the ever-changing ransomware landscape.


The independent validation testing conducted by SE Labs has confirmed the exceptional performance of NetApp's AI-powered ransomware detection capability. This validation is a testament to NetApp’s leadership in the space and clearly shows that organizations can trust NetApp's ability to safeguard their valuable data and systems from the devastating impact of ransomware attacks.


As cyber threats evolve, advanced and reliable security solutions are essential. NetApp’s use of cutting-edge AI and ML technologies offers our customers an intelligent data infrastructure that effectively combats ransomware.


With NetApp's AI-powered ransomware detection, built-in security hardening, our Ransomware Recovery Guarantee, and the NetApp BlueXP ransomware protection control plane to intelligently orchestrate a comprehensive defense,​ our customers can have peace of mind knowing that their critical assets are protected by the most accurate and effective solutions available in the market today for the ultimate cyber resilience.


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Although it’s possible that an attack might go undetected, our and third party's research indicate NetApp technology has resulted in a high degree of detection based on certain currently known technologies and attacks.  Test results are not a guarantee of real-world performance.