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Protecting Azure VMware Solution VMs and datastores on Azure NetApp Files with Cloud Backup for VMs


Azure NetApp Files (ANF) is a high-performance, Azure-native file storage service for the most demanding enterprise file workloads. Azure VMware Solution (AVS) supports attaching NFS datastores as a persistent storage option. By using NFS datastores backed by Azure NetApp Files, you can expand your storage without adding AVS nodes when additional compute and memory may not be needed. 


Cloud Backup for Virtual Machines is a Microsoft supported backup and recovery solution for virtual machines on Azure NetApp Files datastores for Azure VMware Solution. Cloud Backup for Virtual Machines provides VM-consistent or crash consistent backups of VMs, groups of VMs or complete datastores. Backups can be scheduled or created on-demand, and virtual machines (VMs) and VMDKs can be restored from a backup directly from the vSphere client. 





The following steps were highlighted in the videos:

  • Installation via AVS run command from Azure portal
  • Backup datastores and VMs
  • Restore VMs and VMDKs.