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Spectra Logic On-Prem Glacier with StorageGRID


Spectra Logic On-Prem Glacier solutions offer support for AWS S3 and Glacier API’s providing the ability to a add a glacier tier configured with tape to give exponential scalability.  Spectra Logic solutions provide secure object-based tape storage, protecting data from internal and external threats with data immutability and offline air-gapped copies of data. Combined with StorageGRID’s Cloud Storage Pools (CSP) and powerful Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) system Spectra Logic extends the capacity and data security of your on-prem object storage. The Spectra Logic solution can be used as a replication endpoint for the StorageGRID platform service CloudMirror as well to create a protected copy of your objects.  If you are already a Spectra Logic customer, StorageGRID could also be placed behind the BlackPerl S3 to add a local performance tier to your existing solution. Extending the data security, Spectra Logic protection capabilities include Object lock (WORM) to protect against deletes and modifications, versioning allowing for the recovery of previous versions, and encryption in flight and at rest. Together your solution can be sized to meet the capacity needs while reducing your cost of data retention.

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