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What Are the New Features in System Manager 9.8?


There are many new, exciting features in the NetApp® ONTAP® 9.8 release and you can view the entire list of them in the release notes. Many of them are integrated with NetApp ONTAP System Manager 9.8 and here is a list of new features in System Manager 9.8. We will talk about each of them separately in this mini blog series.


  • Network visualization – a quick way to visualize your network map and connections



  • Hardware visualization–visualizing hardware status from the interactive interface



  • Single-click firmware update–a firmware update has never been easier



  • NetApp MetroCluster IP Configuration–set up and use MetroCluster with simplified processes



  • FSA (File System Analytics)–visualizes your file-level access activities



  • Data protection enhancements – added additional functions to perform reserve resync and reactivate a source SVM for disaster recovery setup





In the next blog, we will start with the network visualization feature and then go down the list to talk about each of these new features.


Where can I learn more?


Please see a list of useful resources at this link.

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