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Episode 266: NetApp ONTAP System Manager 9.8

A-Team Tech Advisor

This week, Mr. Manageability Chris Gebhardt (@chrisgeb) and TME Yizhao Zhuang ( join us to discuss all the latest changes in ONTAP 9.8 for NetApp System Manager.


Check out these Insight Session for more System Manager info:

(Search in the content library at

  • BRK-1054-3 - Day 0 to Hero: Complete NetApp ONTAP Build with Ansible 
  • BRK-1055-3 - Replacing WFA with Ansible 
  • BRK-1058-2 - Networking Fundamentals of NetApp ONTAP 9  
  • BRK-1158-2 - Simplify Storage Operation & Automation Using Manageability Suite  
  • BRK1279-2 - Automate your ONTAP management with ONTAP REST APIs like a pro 
  • BRK-1294-2 - Storage Lifecycles, Leave it to Unified Manager! 
  • SPD-1395-2 - Simplified and Insightful ONTAP System Manager 
  • SPD1276-1 - How to Get Started with Automation using ONTAP REST APIs 
  • DEM-1454-2 - NetApp ONTAP System Manager Demo 
  • DEM-1581-1 - ONTAP Upgrades Made Easy

Episode 266: NetApp ONTAP System Manager 9.8




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