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Tech OnTap Newsletter February 2013

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Tech OnTap NewsletterFebruary 2013
Mina Eng, Tech OnTap Editor
Editor's Note
You can just imagine the excitement within NetApp leading up to the launch of the first enterprise-class all-flash array, the EF540.  Our EF540 article covers in depth how it can help with your latency-sensitive, business-critical applications. You can learn more about the importance of flash from our product executives in the video In the Field with Ryan.

We also recently refreshed our high-end FAS system; find out how the FAS6200 is designed specifically for businesses with extreme demands.
- Mina Eng, Tech OnTap Editor, @minayeng
NetApp EF540 All-Flash Array
NetApp EF540 All-Flash Array

Rip Wilson, Technical Marketing Manager
NetApp just announced the EF540, the industry’s first all-flash array, combining extreme, low-latency flash performance with enterprise-class reliability, data protection, and management. The EF540 leverages the knowledge and experience from over 500,000 deployed storage systems and is ideal for performance-driven applications with submillisecond latency requirements.

Check out the details and find out if the EF540 makes sense for you.
Full article
Driving Your Business with the FAS6200
Driving Your Business with the FAS6200

Andrew Hugo, Director, ONTAP Product Management
Every business has applications with extreme demands for data availability, performance, and
agility—demands that the FAS6200 series is uniquely designed to satisfy with enterprise features such as nondisruptive operations, clustering, a broad flash portfolio, and predictive risk analysis. Find out why customers in diverse industries choose the FAS6200.
Full article
FAS6200 video
In the Field with Ryan
In the Field with RyanIn this exclusive interview, NetApp executives discuss flash array innovation.
View video
Flash and NetApp: A Software Company in a Hardware World
Flash and NetApp: A Software Company in a Hardware WorldJohn Rollason, JR’s IT PadAs we continue to move into the flash era, the storage media might be evolving, but  95% of the business values in a storage system are in the software it runs.
Read JR’s blog
IT Survival Guide: The FlexPod Express Rebellion
IT Survival Guide: The FlexPod Express RebellionGalactic war rages between the Shodan Empire and
the Nizbots. Can the FlexPod Express™ solution
save the day?
View video
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