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Ask the Expert Session – CIFS  Grab the opportunity to learn from our Expert and bridge your Knowledge gap.  Our CIFS Expert will answer your question more
How to access c$ or ETC$ on 7mode system to collect logs,  CIFS is running but not part of AD 
Ok, need help with the following.   A long time ago and 89T later I would like to rationalize our junctions-path to what they should be, so I'm lookin more
Hello is there a way how to find from the storage perspective  client that does the  highest IOPS,latency or throughput? I would like to see the IP fr more
Hi, i would like to know if netapp AFF A800 supports protocol RoCE and iWARP. early reply would be really appreciated. 
I apologize if my questions was discussed in the past but I couldnt find anything similar.   Trying to understand the best practices between NAS Clien more
Hi,   our security guy wants to limit the  LM Compatibility Level to krb only. Now I tried that. This works fine, if a user is already authenticated i more
NetApp FAS3240 HA pair with 4 DS4243 arrays Running- 8.2.3 7-Mode Trying to move from a Windows 2008 based AD domain to a Windows 2012 AD Domain.SMB1 more
Hi Team,   Although we have full control on all CIFS shares.. But when i connect this filer via MMC. It say You do not have permissions to list open f more
Hi I have a cifs share setup with FULL CONTROL for the user I'm using, and I'm getting this error when trying to use robocopy to copy the permissions more
Hello Forum, Sometimes we notice a strange problem with accessing files, keeping locks and user access to files. Our users got mapped network drive th more