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AFF Efficiency Guarantee Remediation Plan

Hey Netapp Community,


Has anyone gone through the new AFF Efficiency Guarantee Remediation after the specified data did not meet the storage guaranteed reduction?


I am interested in what steps are taken after the 180 run cycle, if the reduction ratio is not met in accordance with the Efficiency Guarantee Program. 


The potential new strorage system would be 100 percent Oracle Database, so I are interested in the planned steps to identify and remediate the architecture before the option of adding storage is available.


Is there a document or checklist that outline this process?


As always, thank you for your continued support!!







Re: AFF Efficiency Guarantee Remediation Plan

Hi Steve,


I suggest that you discuss the remediation details with your NetApp authorized sales representative.


Re: AFF Efficiency Guarantee Remediation Plan

+1 to andris's response.


The terms of the guarantee are only applicable to solutions proposed with the guarantee in mind. In general - we meet it easily.


If there are concerns, there is a requirement to work with our performance specialists (generally not just your system engineer), which may include updates/upgrades or configuration changes to meet best practices.  

Check out the KB!
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