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E-series Firmware version explanation


Is there any reason behind the lengthy E-series Firmware version like - ( with Four octet) , first octet can be assumed as Major version, next one can be classified as a minor release or patch.However , why do we need to have such a long version .


Re: E-series Firmware version explanation


Hi there!


The first two octets are the important ones - major and minor version.


The E-Series product line has a long history of OEM usage - so we make software and hardware for others to resell, based on the E-Series platform, but with different branding. This flows on into documentation, software, user interface, hardware, etc.


Usage varies based on what part of E-Series is being discussed, but generally the third octet is based on which company it is branded for, and the 4th one is a build number.

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Re: E-series Firmware version explanation


is there any references for the company id in "third octet" . ?

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