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How to convert a FAS to AFF.


Hello guys, I am looking for information and what are the bootloader arguments that are needed to convert to the FAS8000 platform to an AFF.


I am not able to find the information from the KB cause recently was migrated and all the information changed.


Re: How to convert a FAS to AFF.


There's very few platforms it (was) allowed for and I think it was for only one way too...   I do recall reading that that KB was moved to internal.   see: 


Have you reached out to your account team to see if it's an option to convert? Also, why are you needing to do this?

Re: How to convert a FAS to AFF.


The environment variable bootarg.init.flash_optimized must be set to true on both nodes in an HA pair of All-Flash Optimized FAS80x0 systems.


How to check and configure the All Flash FAS (AFF) optimized personality on FAS80x0 controllers.


Re: How to convert a FAS to AFF.


That appears to be an internal doc.. 

Re: How to convert a FAS to AFF.


@xGeox : Conversion is normally not permitted, unless there was a technical issue (or bug) that has changed the personality.  Open a technical support case to investigate the issue and come up with a mitigation.

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Re: How to convert a FAS to AFF.


Agree with andris here.


Also, It's not just about changing the 'bootarg.init.flash_optimized' option, the internal KB is available on the Internet (if you are ok to pay for it, strangely). Anyway, the point is not that. There is a whole 'commercial aspect to it' Licensing & Regulation which must be followed and it's up to NetApp.

Internal KB is available here:

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