AFF200 9.3P4 Digital certificate for a SVM (Storage Virtual Machine) has expired



Our Autosupport alerts me that Digital certificate for a SVM (Storage Virtual Machine) has expired

The following certificates have expired: 054995932C8243, 054A0BCAD30B9B, 054A0C4B4848CB, ... and 1 other.

Potential Impact: Clients may not be able to connect to the cluster over secure (SSL based) protocols.

With  security certificate show i ge
Vserver    Serial Number   Common Name                            Type
---------- --------------- -------------------------------------- ------------
cluster1   054995932C8243  cluster1                               server
    Certificate Authority: cluster1
          Expiration Date: Wed Feb 28 12:34:11 2018

svm_cifs   054A0BCAD30B9B  svm_cifs                               server
    Certificate Authority: svm_cifs
          Expiration Date: Tue Mar 06 09:36:31 2018

svm_iscsi  054A0C4B4848CB  svm_iscsi                              server
    Certificate Authority: svm_iscsi
          Expiration Date: Tue Mar 06 10:12:26 2018

svm_nfs    054A0BF82F3094  svm_nfs                                server
    Certificate Authority: svm_nfs
          Expiration Date: Tue Mar 06 09:49:12 2018





KB ID: 27617   Fits for cdot 8.2 + 8.3, we have cdot 9.3P4 and we need slightly diferent syntax, so I want to verify that:


1. Can i renew the expired Certs without any connectivity loss?

2. Is this Command Syntax for cdot 9.3P4 correct?

security certificate create -vserver cluster1 -common-name cluster1 -size 2048 -type server -country AT -expire-days 3650 -hash-function SHA256

Many Thanks, Thomas