snapmirror restore fails on AFF system because of compression on the destination volume


Tried to restore a volume from a snapvault system to the primary system as follows:

pricluster> snapmirror restore -source-path drsvm:snapdemo1_DP -destination-path prisvm:snapdemo1 -source-snapshot snap2


The command failed, the primary volume ended up in a volume of type DP and  snapmirror show-history shown:

Additional Information> Failed to start transfer because compression is enabled on destination volume "prisvm:snapdemo1" .

(Failed to start transfer. (Negotiation for using Storage Efficiency optimization failed because there is compression on the destination volume "3cd73296-af17-11ea-80db-00a098fe1a90:sanpdemo1"))


The restore destination is a  AFF300 system. ( ONTAP 9.6P3)

snapvault source a fas8200 also ontap 9.6P3

Disabling inline and background compression didn`t change anything.


Any idea how to solve this problem?






Check if this applies to you bug 1134281:


A Storage Virtual Machine (Vserver) disaster recovery transfer operations might fail when modifying volume efficiency operations.


Fixed in versions:

For minimum recommended release, please visit 9.6P129.7P109.7P119.8P1
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