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6.4P2 to 7.1 ISO upgrade fail questions


Hello everyone,

Have 18clusters on 6.4P2 OCUM. 3 vapp where upgrade from 6.4P2 to 7.1 but this one that had many clusters failed ( performance_base failed ).


What are the options?

- Create a parallel 6.4P2 backup database, restore, change ip's ?

- Build a new 7.1, delete all clusters and readd ( does database restore work in this case ? ).  When we delete the clusters and readd them , are the snapmirror relationships lost ? Or we only lose the performance history?


Thanks in advance!!



It is not clear what you mean with "clusters failed". This is however the crucial part.


I suppose the update itself is successful. Software is running- somehow clusters are not updating. I would try to repair the aquisition first before doing anything crazy. So investigate what is failing. Sometimes it just needs a little time. Also Technical support is an option- just open a case. It is possible that the qcquisition engine has a general problem after the upgrade. It can be corrected.


Unfortunatly at the moment backups cannot be restored in higher versions. Just doing a database dump and restore also has its problems since the database has some changes and the upgrade routine would take care of the migration. 


If you start new you would lose historical data (or you could keep the old machine and fire it up whenever you need historical data from that time.


It depends pretty much on the nature of the acquisition issue after the upgrade what the best and most efficient way is to solve it- and of course what you want e.g. how important the history is.