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Hi,We installed Ontap ActiveIQ Unified Manager version 9.11P1ova file style vApp installed) on vSphere6.7.old name Onctap Oncommand Unifiled Manager.W more
We are looking to send the events or incidents reported by OCUM to Nimsoft monitoring.Would like to try API interface, can someone please help me with more
Hello,can you please help me how can I set permissions for folder \\ONTAP1-CIFS\ONTAP_ADMIN$\ ?It is NetApp 9.10.1 Simulator.I've set permissions on s more
Greetings, I am looking to add a banner "Click Box Banner"  to Oncommand System. Currently setup on cli. Does anyone have any info on this?   Thanks i more
Hi, Is it possible to set the AIQUM storage units in the GUI so that they are consistent throughout all of the reports? So for example, set all report more
Hi,can you please help me how to resize vol0 on simulator NetApp 9.10.1 ?
I am looking for documentation stating that AIQUM is available as free download without license requirements, to request it be added to a list of site more
On ONtap NAS is there a feature when you can do the 30 days before purging the file