Active IQ and AutoSupport Discussions

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Active IQ so far has been showing the details of NetApp Storage with limited details about Hosts and Switches. Now, it shows all the details of the Ho more
  Active IQ now provides redesigned workload tagging UI and workload level capacity and efficiency.  You can tag volumes with the Workload, Applicatio more
What’s New in 6.3   Customers, Partners and NetApp Internal users can search by ‘Group’ name and view Group dashboard Customers can get a copy of t more
Register for sessions and stop by Active IQ booth at Insight Central next week to see demos and talk to Product Managers and Engineers. See attached f more
Hello,   I would like some assistance or advice please. I would like to know how to add new customers and there systems to our activeIQ portal. how do more
Get proactive recommendations and predictive analytics of your NetApp environment on the go.         Flash Advisor **NEW** See workloads that are bet more
Good morning everyone, I just configured the autosupport in HTPPS for a customer Aff200 in Ontap 9.1. The command autosupport check show-details displ more
Hi,   I’m preparing to do an upgrade for several clusters consisting of 8 nodes or more, but I am unable to select the Batch Upgrade option. The dropd more
Is it possible to find all switched metroclusters from ASUP or Active IQ for all customers? I found a script to retrieve a list of Flash Cache systems more
Hi,   here is my view when I select one of my sites:               When I switch to "All sites" the only widget that gets updates is "SYSTEM INVENTOR more