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Accessing SVM API on L3 interface


I need to provide API access to one of our Netapp clusters, but I need to limit this to a single SVM.


I have created a SVM (on OnTap 9.7p7) with management htts service enabled and I'm able to access this over API from a server in the same subnet (using simple curl get/post/etc commands). So this works like a charm.


I then created a new SVM on a new cluster (still ontap 9.7p7), with the same settings, but now I'm trying to access the SVM on a routed interface. When I now try to access the SVM API, I end up on the custer (or admin SVM) instead of the data SVM I try to access! The data SVM is on a seperate vlan and with tcpdump on this vlan I can see the traffic. When I, as an example, run a "curl get ...  storage/volumes/...", my credentials does not work. I do not see any entries of this in the data SVM audit log, but if I check the admin SVM audit log I can see my failed login attempts. I then tried with credentials defined on the cluster and boom; I get a list of all volumes on the cluster. How can this be? Why am I not able to access the data SVM and why am I ending up on the cluster?


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