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Active IQ 6.01 ASUP files


I've used the old config advisor to process ASUP files. I wanted to do the same with active IQ but it appears it won't accept .7z files. I converted a .7z to .zip but had no luck. Any help appreciated. I'm using the Mac version



Hi Steve,


Are you using the Active IQ app from the Apple Store?  If you are, then the latest version is 6.7.2 which we recommend upgrading to.  If you are using the browser version of Active IQ you can upload ASUPs by going to the following link: Manual ASUP Upload


Active IQ does accept .7z files but it is the format of the .7z that might be the issue.  When you go to the upload site there is the following information:


"Info: 7z archive format files created with 'LZMA' compression method is supported. Newer compression methods such as 'LZMA2' are not supported and as a result uploaded AutoSupports in these new formats may not be usable for generating upgrade plans. If you are not sure of the 7z compression method, please upload in tgz format."


Try to compress the ASUP in the tgz format and retry the upload. 




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