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Active IQ Unified Manager 9.8P1 attached to vCenter, but no VMs are listed


We have just one vCenter server that has been added to ActiveIQ.  It shows all 6 hosts and has completed it's health polling, but no VMs are ever ingested.  I've removed it and added the vCenter a few times, hut it never adds the VMs even after a few days.  Should it move on to a different type of polling after it's done with the Health Poll?  All VMs are running through an NFS mounted store in the cluster.  Vcenter is 7.0.1 and hosts are still on 6.7



I've dug through the logs a few times and haven't been able to spot anything.  I tried again this morning and it's still adding the 6 vCenter hosts, but no VMs.  I've attached this mornings log for reference.  I would appreciate it if you could take a look at it and see if you can spot anything.




Haven't found anything either.


Is it possible to try AIQUM 9.7? I use it on two client and had no issue with this integration. 9.8 is really new so not much on the KBs or Bugs...


(although your config seems supported - I checked the IMT)


Also, did you try yo use a different admin user when adding the vCenters?


Take a look at this bug:

Maybe it's the case... it tells to contact technical support.




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