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Add volume to dataset


I have a workflow that creates a primary volume, a secondary volume and a snapmirror relationship and then use the Add volume to dataset command to put the volume into an existing dataset.

The workflow works in preview mode but fails on execution

The dataset has a protection policy attached and if I import an existing SM relationship it works fine.

When adding the volume to the dataset I get the following error.

Error: Could not add EUKSBNETAPP02.endemoluk:/Arch_DanTest1115 to dataset EUK_Archive (4324). Reason: There is no volume, qtree, directory, host, aggregate or virtualization object named 'EUKSBNETAPP02.endemoluk:/Arch_DanTest1115'.

The volume does get created, so it does exist.

Has anyone come across this before, or know where I can find additional info on the error to help troubleshoot




Hi Dan,

Let me try and help you out here.

Can you tell me what version of WFA you are running?

Can you attach the workflow?

Looks like an issue in the way you have provided inputs somewhere.



Hi Anil,

That is very probable as this is my first workflow.

I am using

Please see attached for workflow

Regards, Dan.


Thanks Dan,

I am trying to reproduce your issue.

Can you send me the logs as well?

Go to Administration>Log Viewer.

I just need Wfa.log.




Hi Anil,

I have attached logs.

Regards, Dan


Hi Dan,

I figured out the problem.

The volume is created alright but when you try to add the volume to the dataset, turns out DFM has not yet acquired the volume from the filer. Therefore it does not know about the newly created volume you are talking about.

I tried a simpler workflow on my setup and i was able to reproduce it. Check the attached snapshot.

Now what you have to do is, wait for dfm to acquire from ONTAP before adding the volume to the dataset.

To do this, there is a command "wait for monitor refresh" that needs to be added before "add volume to dataset" command.

I do not have a 2.1 setup right now. Otherwise i would have made the necessary changes for you.

Please let me know if you need help with using that command in your workflow.



Hi Anil

Apologies for not updating this earlier, I have been tied up on other things.

I have added the "wait for monitor refresh" and upped the timeout value, but I still get the same issue.

I have attached my workflow/logs so you can see what I have done.

Regards, Dan.


Dan, I imported your workflow and I see that you have added only the Wait for Refresh cmd. Only Wait fo Refresh is NOT enough. See Shailaja's reply above. You need to Add 2 commands

1. "Refresh monitors on array"

followed by

2. "Wait for monitor refresh"

Attaching the workflow with corrections. There is another parameter $OCUM_server ( i.e. DFM) that you need to provide now at workflow execution.


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Hi Sinhaa,

Apologies for not getting back to your earlier, I got caught up on other projects and then have been away from the office.

Thanks for the workflow but I still get errors when trying to execute it. On the Wait for monitor refresh the worklow times out. It passes the refresh monitors on array. The error I receive is Command 'Wait for monitor refresh' timed out.

I have attached logs from when I ran the worflow

Regards, Dan.


Hi Dan,

From the logs, it looks like the WFA command waited for completion of monitors against the storage controller for 20 minutes.

WFA has prescribed this as the timeout duration for the command 'Wait for monitor refresh'.

You will need to:

1. Validate on your OnCommand server, the time taken for the monitors to complete on this storage controller. In case monitoring of the array is not completing, the OnCommand server and the storage controller need to be looked into.

2. In case monitoring completes successfully, but takes a longer duration, you could:

   - clone the existing 'Wait for monitor refresh' command

   - change the timeout interval to a larger value

   - use this custom command in your workflow.

- Dhruv



You can also additionally refer to the sample workflow which will be available in 2.1 system:

"Create a new Volume in a Dataset and Wait for object discovery" to see how to use the command "Refresh monitors on array" and "Wait for monitor refresh" as per the suggestion above.




Also if your DFM is 5.x C Mode, then there isn't any WFA certified command for Refresh Monitoring samples and Wait for refresh. Attaching those here which I made some months back. Import this Workflow .dar and you'll get the 2 commands.


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