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Adding aggregates (with exisitng volumes) to Resource Pools


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I'm dealing with an environment which has a data aggregate currently not a member of any Resource Pools in OCUM Core Package (DFM). This aggregate contains many volumes which have been created and exported manually via CLI. We would now like to utilise OCUM Core Package for provisioning storage to this aggregate and will be creating a new Resource Pool for this, however I've only ever added new 'empty' aggregates to Resource Pools, not aggregate with exisitng volumes like in this situation.


Is this a safe thing to do? I don't wish to inadvertently impact the existing volumes within this aggregate by adding it to a Resource Pool.


Thanks in advance,

Andrew Braker.





A resource pool is for provisioning volumes so it should not impact the existing volumes. There may be issues down the road with space on the aggregate. It will prevent provisioning if the aggregate crosses thresholds for space usage, overcommitment or deduplication.



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