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After changing root password of controller - receiving error msg



error being shown on the controller:

Wed Oct 23 10:02:51 IST [cvstorage2: HTTPPool00:warning]: HTTP XML Authentication failed from <vCenter server IP>

I was receiving the same error msg from the DFM server as well and already set the new password there by using the dfm host set CLI, what should I do regarding the vCenter? how do I set the new password ?




Since this is coming from your vCenter server, I assume that you have the OnCommand Host Package (OCHP) installed.

Can you confirm?




I don't know what that is, where should it be installed ?


OCHP can be installed on the UM server, the vCenter server (preferably the one it is associated with), or any other Windows server.

Look for a "NetApp" folder under the Start Menu -> All Programs locations with "OnCommand Host Service PowerShell" under it.


On the vCenter server I have NetApp > Virtual Storage Console > VSC CLI


I am not familiar with VSC and am not certain if the following is VSC version dependent. 

This is from the VSC 4.2.1 admin guide - I hope it helps you modify the controller password:


VSC uses credentials (user name and password) that you set up in Monitoring and Host

Configuration to authenticate each storage system and determine which storage operations can be

performed on that storage system. VSC uses one set of credentials for each storage system. These

credentials determine all VSC tasks that can be performed on that storage system; in other words, the

credentials are for VSC, not an individual VSC user.


When Monitoring and Host Configuration adds a storage system, it displays a pop-up box that lists

the credentials associated with the username/ password pair you entered when you logged in. You

can either set up default credentials that Monitoring and Host Configuration will use during its

storage system discovery process or manually enter credentials when the storage system is




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