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Any ideas what would cause OCUM to not be able to gather storage information from a filer?


IHAF (I have a filer) running DOT that OCUM 5.X is able to discover but for some odd reason can't seem to obtain the storage information (i.e. the amount of space in an aggregates and/or volumes).  I've attached a screenshot of what I am talking about.  Does anyone have any ideas what could cause that?  And/or what I could do to try and diagnose what is going on?  I've also attached a screenshot of running diagnostics on the filer.  The only thing it is not able to do is talk SNMPv3 with it, and that is because the release of DOT that the filer is running doesn't support SNMPv3.  However, I have 2 other filers running the same release of DOT and they work just fine.

As always, any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.





Hi Keith,

The screenshot shows that UM is configured to use SNMPv3 for this controller and that protocol is timing out.  You will therefore not collect any data from it until you either resolve the timeout condition or configure UM to use SNMPv1 to monitor that controller.




Hi Kevin,

I can't remember if we tried that.  But just to be clear, it was able to discover 99% of all the other data about the filer, just not the storage information, so I hazard to guess it was something else.



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