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Apiproxy and Vserver Tunneling?


I am trying to run vserver api commands using the oncommand apiproxy api and when I do I get a credential issue, however I do not see a way within OnCommand to specify credentials for a Vserver or am I missing something?


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<netapp  xmlns="http://www.netapp.com/filer/admin" version="1.0">












<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>

<netapp version='1.0' xmlns='http://www.netapp.com/filer/admin'>

    <!-- Output of api-proxy [Execution Time: 733 ms] -->

          <results status='passed'>




                              <reason>Skipped attempt due to lack of good credentials</reason>







  OnCommand Unified Manager does not talk to the vServer. It always talks to the cluster and get the details and information about each vServer.

This same as how we did for vFiler, we communicate only with physical filer and got all information related to vfiler.




Can you please show an example which return the vFiler information?

For example I used to invoke the command:


When trying to use the command with the API-PROXY there is version mismach.







"java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: ONTAPI version must be at least 1.7 to send API to a vfiler"

I found a work arround.. I used the system-cli command instead.

The following command allowed us to get the nfs shared list:
















The dfm does not include the netApp username or password.

After you set the user/password in the configuration netapp host you will get the results.


That the reasone you don't need to set the user and password of the proxy host inside the request.

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