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Automate Dev and QA Oracle Database From Prod Snapshots?


Our prod Oracle DB is running on an older version of Solaris that we were unable to get snap manager working on, and I was wondering if there was an easy way to automate our dev and qa refresh from snapshots of the volumes housing the prod db luns.  I have played with flexclone's for volumes a little bit using the PoSH netapp toolkit and I thought I would ask advice from the community on the best way to do my environment refreshes on the netapp utilizing snapshots.  


In my head it would work like:


Delete the exising dev volume

Create a flexclone lun from prod

Use the Flexclone lun as the new Dev volume


That may be simplifying it a bit, but this would involve my Solaris guys rescanning for the new luns.  I was hoping you guys may know a better more streamlined way to do this.