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Backing up a LUN using Commvault



Have a NetApp storage working fine configured with number of LUNs .

We are testing out Commvault for our enterprise backup the version specific is 9. What we are trying to achieve to test is this.

Have a client with Windows Server 2008r2 OS that is currently assigned 10gb LUN as F: drive and want to use Commvault Simpana 9 to take a Snapshot of the whole F: drive inlcuding the LUN information from the NetApp storage itself and want to do this using SnapProtect and store this LUN of 10gb, with data in the NetApp array. I know this can be done using NetApp itself, but looking from the OS perspective as the LUN configuration and such are critical in case the OS crashes.

Question is I know NetApp can do this kind of backup for LUN from the OS itself, just was wondering if anyone has any idea where to start with.

Does SnapProtect even come in to play here? cause from looking at all the agents under SnapProtect over at the commvault documentation I see that it has application awareness feature of hardware snapshot and nothing else.

If this is not case how does one go about backing up a LUN thru host, in the process saving all the LUN configuration and such in the OS.? thanks.



It sounds like you want to do application consistent snapshot. In this case yes, SnapProtect (or IntelliSnap as it is called now) can do it.


Not entirely true Aborzenkov, I just want to backup the LUN as whole, priority being the LUN configuration settings that NetApp has also need to be backed-up in the Snap. Any technical documentation that I can relate to?  I couldn't find one. Tks