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Backup of Unified Manager Database


I'm intending to run an instance of Unified Manager Core as a VMware Virtual Machine for use with SnapProtect.

This will be hosted on an NFS Datastore.

The question I have is how do I ensure that the Unified Manager Database is adequately backed up?

Will the SnapProtect VSA do this?


Re: Backup of Unified Manager Database


Ensure that the database backup schedule is enabled within Unified Manager itself.  Restoring that backup is the disaster recovery scenario.

You can configure the backup location to be a LUN/NAS mount off of the VM is you wish to keep it remote from the server, however ensure that the connection to that location is adequate to transfer large amounts of data quickly.


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Re: Backup of Unified Manager Database


That's great thanks, I didn't know if things had changed since the DFM days

Re: Backup of Unified Manager Database


This has been there since DFM times. If you are also looking for DR capability of the dfm you can either use the DR capability of VMware or the one documented under Operations Manager Consoles > Help >General Help> Maintenance > Disaster Recovery Support



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