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Balance Database Management


My Balance appliance has filled its 250GB limit. Is there a way to compact/shrink the internal DB? Or configure the retention period of data to be kept?



We appear to have the same problem now too, is there any solution to this?

Once we reboot our OnCommand Balance, we login to it using the default credentials. Then we press (5) for System Configuration followed by (1) for Display Balance Status. While the balance is starting up, it displays periodically "Balance Monitor is starting up". Then shortly after 3-5 of these being posted to the screen, we get the following error message:

/usr/sbin/bpm:" line 331: echo: write error: No space left on device



There is an established procedure for freeing up room inside the Balance VM, however this requires Root access and therefore must be executed by a customer support person. Please contact your support contact. For your reference I am attaching the steps that support would go through. The latest version of Balance should not have this issue as it has been fixed.




delete the .rawdata files from the jboss/bin directory. Full path to bin is  /usr/share/balancepoint/jboss/bin


We are running on NetApp OnCommand Balance R1...

Our VMDK size is currently only 80 GB out of a possible maximum size of 200 GB which is thin provisioned over NFS, so there is space. Yet, the system is telling me that I am out of disk space? On the NetAPP storage system, it indicates that we still have plenty of space free (hundreds of GB) on the NFS datastore. I should also mention that we have a separate 200 GB (THIN provisioned) partition dedicated to capturing statistics; the standard OS partition for the OnCommand Balance is 20GB Thick which is where the appliance resides. It was configured in this manner by NetApp.


Thank you, now I have the full context. It would be best for you to open a support case with NetApp support to have this issue resolved.


Ya, we have tried that. It has now been almost four (4) days since our monitoring has been down for our entire enterprise organization. You are talking about over 300 servers that we have no data for. An incident has been filed but nobody from NetAPP has return our calls. Doesn't say much for the customer service especially to large enterprise organizations...



I have escalated your issue to the director of customer support.



You guys really need to get in-tune with your customers because your customer service in my opinion is lacking (poor). Every customer has business hours. You don't call a customer back after business hours and expect them to be there to answer. This has happened to us in the past, several times. You call us outside of our business hours, there is nobody here to take the call. Then you follow up with an email during business hours telling us that you called us which is completely useless. We respond to the email telling our business hours and then we don't get a prompt response when we do respond. The issue gets escalated to the next support channel and were still here waiting for help. We try to call and we are told someone will call us back and then nobody does for hours and days at a time. We buy millions of dollars in hardware and support and we can't even get support same day when our critical monitoring app is down? Not good enough.

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