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Balance License for new nodes in an existing cDOT cluster? (after March 6th)


If a customer already has a cDOT system with multiple nodes licensed for Balance and I want to add nodes to that system how do I legally add Balance as the last ship date was  March 6th? 



Also what to do when balance is holding up a headswap...


Just try firing up OPM to figure which VM is the bully.  It makes for an anti-climactic demo.  You can't get there from here, and probably never will.




it is not a technical question as so much a license question. All the VMs will be moving to the new nodes in the cluster that are not (and cannot be) licensed for balance, but they will continue to use it as once an item is licensed in the cluster all the nodes have it. The question is -  is this legal as We (netapp) no longer sell the license, but support it. 

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