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Balance eval key for V-series


I provided my customer an eval key for Balance, it works on their FAS systems, but not on their V-series.  When I used the eval key generator with their V-series serial number it gave me the same license key as for their FAS.  Is there a different key for V-series?

System is a V3250 running ONTAP 8.1.2P3 7-mode.


The Evaluation License application provides special time-based license keys that allow you to evaluate Filer, V-Series Series system and NearStores features, as well as those for some client-side products.

Submitter Email:

Date:     26-Sep-2013


License/Feature:     OnCommand Balance

License Key:     UXTOSXA

Duration:     90 day

Notes:     Data ONTAP 8.1 minimum requirement.

xxx-netapp03> license add UXTOSXA

invalid platform -- insight_balance not licensed

xxx-netapp04> license add UXTOSXA

invalid platform -- insight_balance not licensed



Hello Mike

At the risk of being dated - here is an eval key for Balance for the following v-series systems:


30 days: COAFQHN

60 days: KCATQHN

90 days: SQZGRHN






Mike Cabibbo

Enterprise Systems Engineer


727.492.6550 Mobile Phone<>


I have encountered the same problem and have created a case.   Did you ever receive any clarification or official response  on this?

Output from a v3270 ONTAP 8.1.3p2 no 3rd party disks, only using as a FAS


naXXXXXXXXX> license add uxtosxa
invalid platform -- insight_balance not licensed



I was taking Peter's post as "official" as I believe Peter is involved in product development. He indicated V-Series support was planned for future release.

I have not heard anything further regarding planned release dates.

If anyone does hear anything or has more information, it would be greatly appreciated if this post was updated.


I will update the post to clarify when they respond back to the case. 

The compatibility matrix does show support for v-series and Balance


I never managed to get any eval key working for the v-series.  When I received the customers full key it worked fine.  I did not get at response back from support yet but I believe that the eval key does not work for v-series and it is a oversight or just not documented.  If I receive a response from support that has more info I will post.


With the recent strategy change announced in May, OnCommand Balance only supports NetApp FAS storage. NetApp V-series in no longer supported; this currently requires monitoring the third-party array behind the V-series. This is no longer possible, as we are EOA the Balance capacity license. Existing V-series customers are supported, but you cannot monitor V-series for new deployments.

It is on the Balance roadmap to support V-series without requiring monitoring the third party array behind it, in a future release.


This will probably preclude our purchasing the product. Is there any estimation of how long before the V-Series are supported again?

It seems odd that an entire controller is deemed an "Invalid platform" because of one (optional) feature. Our V-Series have an equal or greater amount of native storage vs backend storage. It would be more useful for Balance to exclude non-native storage instead of the entire controller. Half of our environment is V-Series.


Same issue here. Is this tracked as Burt ?



Hopefully someone can help here because I'm encountering the same issue.

Our evals keys do not work on V-series 😞

thanks for assistance,


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