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Bug with in DataOntap 8.2.3 and powershell command file-directory-security-policy-task-add


Hi there,


I have a step in a WFA workflow that assigns NTFS security permissions to new share volumes that are deployed.  On my test cluster (DOT 8.3.2P1) this step works fine, however, from the same WFA server the same step fails on my production cluster (DOT 8.2.3P6) with the following error:


10:46:19.117 ERROR [SWN Set NTFS Permssions] Failed executing command. Exception: Invalid value specified for "ntfs-sd" element within "file-directory-security-policy-task-add": " ".


Has anyone else run into this issue?  Anyone found a fix or workaround?  The only thing I can think of is to change the whole step to use ssh commands and do this via command line or Upgrade Ontap.  We are not ready to upgrade production yet to 8.3.2 and I don't want to change the entire command step to ssh if there is an easy fix for this issue.










Can you post which is the cmdlet that is throwing the error in the WFA command. If its difficult to figure out I'll suggest you try the following:


In your WFA command which is failing, Add the below code in the end and save it. execute it and let it fail. it will be able to locate the error in the command code.


 provide the command execution output. I believe you already know my email.





trap {


$at_line= $_.InvocationInfo.ScriptLineNumber

$at_char = $_.InvocationInfo.OffsetInLine

$at_code = $_.InvocationInfo.Line

Get-WfaLogger -Error -Message "Error Occurred at Code `"$at_code`" Line: $at_line Char: $at_char"








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Hi Matt,



Can you please share  the workflow or command, which you are getting the issue.



Veerendranadh CH


wfa's compatibility list is quite narrow. it might be due to that. what's the version of powershell toolkit? 




wfa's compatibility list is narrow? That is a real surprise for me.


What makes you say that. What is it that you are trying to connect to and you can't do using WFA. I'm really curious to know.






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