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Bulk add servers to Balance?


We have the need to add/monitor 300+ remote/branch servers to Balance. Is there a way to bulk add server names to Balance instead of one-at-a-time? Perhaps via  TXT; CSV file, etc?

Having to click Add Server; drop down to Windows; add the FQDN and then add is easy for a few, but not in bulk.



Re: Bulk add servers to Balance?


Yes, Balance can do this. Do not have the docs in front of me, but this feature is called 'seed list'. The format should be in the docs, but the easiest way is to put a few different devices into Balance, and export the seed list to see an example of the format.

Re: Bulk add servers to Balance?


Peter is correct,  The Seed list instructions and a .txt example  is actually detailed in the help menu of Balance.   The Seed list option is only for "Physical" servers and not VM's.  And lastly, even if you already added a proxy server to Balance you will still need to specify the "proxy" name in the seed list for the discovery of "Windows"  platforms.

The seed list will error if there is something missing with an error of  "Line 5 missing blah".

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Don Bourque

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