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Cache query generates id start from random auto-increment ID


Hi All,


I have created new cache query for getting cifs server name from ocum vserver table since existing wfa vserver table does not have “cifs server name” column.

When I checked data in newly created vserver table, the auto increment id starts from 901 and not from 1. Because of that whenever I am creating filter using multiple tables it is unable to match the vserver id with any tables and no results show up.






Any suggestion or workaround would be helpful.


Re: Cache query generates id start from random auto-increment ID


Can you show your SQL and SQL Create Table? It's not clear how you expect it to relate to data. If you are autoicementing an ID that won't have anything to do with your realtions to other tables those are foreign keys you need to include in the your table. You should have 'id' INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT in your Table syntax this by default will start at 1? Are you populating the ID field from another value in the OCUM vserver table? 

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