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Call workflow routine from another machine


Once we setup a workflow, I would like to know how I can call these workflow routines from another machine.




My understanding is that you have created workflows on the wfa server by accessing GUI through http://localhost/wfa. Is that right?

Fo remote connection to the server, WFA provides you with :

1. GUI interface where you can access the wfa server from any other machine through : http://<wfa_server_ip/wfa

    This connects to the wfa server on port 80 by default.

2. In addition, web services through SOAP and REST are also provided by WFA through which you could operate on the workflows.



Thanks, I was hoping NetApp provided an API, so that we can call it from PERL programs. We spent thousands of man hours to develop automation on 7 mode. We want to start using WFA for 7Mode and CMode 

NetApp Alumni

the GUI is arguably the "least interesting" way of using WFA

SOAP & REST web services interfaces are provided so you can make calls from programs, including routines running on remote systems (links are to reference guides). these are the API.

you might be able to use the perl REST::Client module or similar for easier access.

note that the bulk of the workflow logic usually happens inside WFA

you'll also need to allow for non-blocking execution in your calling code, as WFA works on a kind of batch submission basis: you submit a request to WFA, then check back on the system to check job status at a later stage (which may only be a couple of seconds, but you need to have the right kind of logic in there to poll, rather than expect an execution result directly form the call).


Sorry I missed the links, thanks again, I have a lot of reading to do.



In Peter's link for the SOAP document there's a full example how to create a Web Proxy in Powershell and execute flows through it.

Hope that helps,



Thanks, this is very useful.

If you have any links that document this and/or have examples that would be great.

WFA documents seem to be very limited.

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